Mapa de ubicación

Taking Transmilenio:
If you are in the airport take the trasmilenio bus which is free and its starting point is in front of the international arrivals exit door, you must get off at the PORTAL EL DORADO, then buy a card to get into the system, the fare is $ 1,700 per person, after that you take the number K10 bus, get off at the AVENIDA JIMENEZ Station, being there take another bus, the J23 bus and get off at the LAS AGUAS Station.

Taking Taxi:

Taxis have meteres in Bogota, and display units, when you reach your destination, in the driver's seat there is a table showing the value of the units in pesos, then you must add $ 1500 and that is the price to pay. Approximate price from the airport to the hostel its ($ 25,000 COP to $30.000 COP)

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